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October 31, 2020

It's not surprising that this Halloween is going to be a drag. And not the fun, men-dressed-as-women kind of drag.

I mean honestly, what is even the point this year?

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It's no fun to wear a mask on October 31 when you've already been wearing one for months.

Besides which, parents are crazy if they let their kids go tick-or-treating this year, walking up to strange strange people's homes and getting candy from them, with the way the virus numbers are looking right now. Not to mention the raging politics. Would you put it past an angry Trumper to throw a fun sized Twix at a child dressed as Kamala Harris?

I wouldn't.

And what about all those skeletons, all that death imagery we associate with Halloween? Isn't that just a little behind ghoulish this year??


Well … try to have a safe one, whatever you do. And remember, 2020 can't last forever.

Taken in my neighborhood.

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