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Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Oct. 25, 2020

We didn’t get a showy leaf display this year, and already I think the peak has passed. This happens, of course. Some years the fall colors are dazzling, some years not.

It would have been nice if this had been one of the dazzling years. But I remembered yesterday while walking the dogs that our spring colors, at least, had been exceptionally pretty.

That thought made me suddenly aware of how long this pandemic has been with us … three seasons, to be exact. Though it feels more like three years.

Election Day is only 9 days away. More than 8 million people have coronavirus in the U.S. We’re back to staying indoors, for the most part. The tension is almost unbearable.

I check out my neighborhood daily. I’ve taken to walking my three dogs one at a time so it takes me over an hour, usually more like an hour and a half. I’ve memorized the landscape. The trees and flowers change, the angle of the sun changes, but if you’re not paying attention you easily could miss it. Even walking, it feels so much like I’m standing still.

Giorgio is startled by some of the seasonal decorations around the neighborhood.

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